CITY HALL HOURS: Open 8am to  5pm  Monday - Friday
The downtown Park, Bless, Franklin, Shafer and Antwonette Parks are all public parks and open to all persons wishing to enjoy them. If you are planning a special event that will require facilities such as exclusive use of the Gazebo, Tennis Court, Volleyball Courts or any portion or all of the Park, you must complete a Park Facility Use Permit Application and follow this policy. The Park Use policy is including but not limited to: Chamber Events, Birthday Parties, Special Event for Non-Profits.

There is no guarantee that the Weston Park Board or the Weston Board of Aldermen will grant permission for your event, even if all items and criteria are completed on the “Park Use Application”. The City of Weston has full and final decision for all events.

  • Apply for a Park Facility Use Permit. Once you complete the application return it to City Hall. Please note this should be at least three (3) months before your event.
  • Attend the Weston Park Board – fourth Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at Weston City Hall. Discuss the use or event with the Park Board. They will make a recommendation to the Weston Board of Aldermen as to whether they approve of the use.
  • Attend Board of Aldermen Meeting – second Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at Weston City Hall. The Board of Aldermen will have the recommendation from the Park Board and discuss your upcoming Park Use. Please be present to answer any questions about your use or event in the Park.
  • Prior to attending the meetings please contact the Weston Chief of Police and the West Platte Fire Protection District about your City Park Use or event. Plan on discussing the full scope of your plans and anticipated number of people attending.
  • Secure proof of insurance and provide to the City of Weston at least two months before your event. This proof of insurance must list your organization, the upcoming event and date (alternate date must be included if applicable), and the City of Weston must be listed as an additional insured. The minimum amount of liability coverage on this proof of insurance must be $3,000,000 per occurrence.
  • If food is going to be served at your event, it is your responsibility to meet with the Platte County Health Department to ensure that you and your event comply with all of their health and safety requirements. The City of Weston may require confirmation from the Platte County Health Department that your event and food handlers are compliant with their requirements.
  • In the event of music in the Park, there will be a cut-off time of 11:00 p.m. for all outdoor music (live and pre-recorded). The cut-off time may be subject to change depending on other events that might be scheduled.
All of these requirements are the minimum required for your event to be approved by the City of Weston. Failure to comply with any of the items listed above, or any additional items identified by the City of Weston will result in the cancellation of your event. It is your responsibility to supply the City of Weston with proof of all requirements and attend all meetings outlined above; and to make the application for your event in a timely manner