Independence Day, July 4th: City offices will be closed on Thursday, July 4, 2024 Independence Day.
The City of Weston requires that all resident dogs be licensed within thirty (30) days of arrival.  To register your Dog(s) must be done at City Hall.

Dog tags are issued for one year beginning on January 1st each year and must be renewed annually. The City Collector shall provide a receipt and a numbered metallic or plastic tag for each dog license. Tags should be affixed to the collar or harness of the dog so that they may be easily seen. If the ownership of the dog is transferred within the city, the tag may be transferred to the new owner for a small fee.

Dog Tag Fees
Fees are due each year in January in the amount of $5.00 for neutered/spayed dogs or $10.00 for non-neutered/spayed dogs. Fees increase to $7.50 for neutered/spayed dogs or $15.00 for non-neutered/spayed dogs on or after February 1st.
Transfer of ownership is a $1.00 fee to transfer the tags.
Animals that are procured after January shall have their fees prorated to the nearest quarter and the penalty shall be added thirty days after the procurement date.