Independence Day, July 4th: City offices will be closed on Thursday, July 4, 2024 Independence Day.
Water meter sets or sewer connections require a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice. Please contact the Superintendent of Public Works at (816) 640-5477 to request a water meter, sewer connection, or for more information.

Water Service Connection and Sewer Service Inspection Fees
The following prices are subject to change without notice. The cost that is charged is based on what the City of Weston has paid for them.
New water and sewer services must be paid in advance. The sewer inspection fee allows the resident to hook a sewer line on to the city sewer system. The Superintendent of Public Works inspects the installation of sewer lines by the contractor/subcontractor.

Any digging, excavating, or drilling in or under any street, alley, sidewalk, or thoroughfare of the City of Weston for laying pipe or making any connections will be done in conjunction with the Superintendent of Public Works. If any repairs are needed to streets, alleys, sidewalks, or thoroughfares, the resident or contractor/subcontractor, with the approval of the Superintendent of Public Works, will make those repairs or replacements, as necessary. A security bond of $10.00 per square foot shall be paid in advance of any excavation per Weston Municipal Code § 505.070(B).

Once a meter is set, a $125.00 deposit for residential or a $150.00 deposit for commercial must be posted on all accounts to have water service turned on.

Additional Costs
Item Estimated Cost
Corp. Stops $250.00
Moling Charges $5.00 per foot
Meter Well, Ring, Lid $800.00
Meter Yoke $1,200.00
Set-up Fee $150.00
Service Line Cost per foot
Sewer Inspection Fee $1,500.00
Tapping Saddle Cost + 10%
Water Meter $450.00
Water Service Connection Fee $2,000.00