• All provisions not covered in this listing will be governed by the National Electrical Code or by the code deemed appropriate by the City of Weston at the time of issuance of the permit.
  • Any and all firms, associations, businesses, contractors, sub-contractors, or individuals shall apply for and obtain a City Electrical License prior to any electrical work is accomplished. Payment of license fees established by the City shall be deemed necessary.
  • The main electrical panel must be grounded twice. Once to footing steel and the second, preferably, to an outside ground rod.


  • All new entrances will require inspection and an inspection seal by the Enforcement Officer prior to connection to public utility.
  • Each service shall have a main disconnect at or as close to the entrance of the building as possible but no more than six (6) feet away.
  • Each service shall be individually metered.
  • Each entrance shall be 200 Amp minimum.
  • Entrance cable shall be a minimum of number two (#2) copper or number four zero (#4 ought) aluminum and shall be enclosed in conduit.

Junction Boxes

  • No more than six (6) devices and one (1) fixture shall be run off one (1) home run.
  • All home runs (circuits) shall be UL listed 12/2 wire, all plug-in outlets need to be 12/2 wire, but lighting branch wiring from that point may be run in 14/2.
  • All connections shall be made with an approved UL listed connector.
  • Outlets shall be no less than 15 amp rated.
  • 2- 20 amp branch circuits shall be provided for Kitchen small appliances.
  • 1- 20 amp circuit shall be provided for the laundry.
  • 1- 20 amp circuit shall be provided for the bathrooms.
  • All exposed wiring run where exposure to physical damage is possible shall be run in conduit.
  • All switches and receptacles shall be mounted in device boxes.
  • All lights shall be attached to a box unless the fixture is listed to be direct wired.
  • All splicing shall be done in junction boxes which shall remain accessible.
  • Fixtures shall be UL listed or an equal listing.
  • All wiring shall be independently supported and not be run in contact to any metallic materials (piping, ductwork, etc.).
  • All CSST gas piping shall be bonded per the manufacturer's specifications.
  • All bedroom circuits shall be ARC fault protected.

Ground-fault Circuit Interrupter

  • Each of the following shall have a Ground-fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacle in each room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Outdoor
  • Laundry Room
  • Utility Room