CITY HALL HOURS: Open 8am to  5pm  Monday - Friday
The City of Weston operates under a Mayor-Board of Aldermen form of government. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen are elected officials charged with the care, management, and control of the City and its finances. The City of Weston is divided into two wards. The Mayor is elected at-large from the City to a two-year term. Each ward is represented by two Aldermen who are also elected to staggered two-year terms. Municipal elections are held in April of each year, for more information please review the municipal elections page.

The regular meeting for the Board of Aldermen is held on the second Monday of each month at 06:00 PM at City Hall. 
Kent Stelljes        Email:
Ward I
Alderman Steve Unfred            Email:
Alderman Greg Hoffman     Email:
Ward II
Alderman Mark Seymour          Email:
Alderman Joyce Burch              Email: