Independence Day, July 4th: City offices will be closed on Thursday, July 4, 2024 Independence Day.
The City of Weston parks have been developed to be relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable for all residents and visitors. Our parks are funded by Personal Property Taxes, Real Estate Taxes, and the occasional grant for special projects. The City of Weston Park Board oversees the parks and determines the direction of future park projects.
If you would like to reserve park facilities for a special occasion, please request a Park Facility Use Permit.
City of Weston Parks
City of Weston Hiking & Biking Trail
The South Bluff Road Hiking & Biking Trail starts at Welt Street and Market Street. It will take you to the Weston Bend State Park Tail System.   The Trail ends at Beverly, Mo. about a 3.3 miles.  
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Benner Park Sports Facilities Complex is operated by the West Platte School Dist.
Benner Park is located on Mo 45 Highway just West of the intersection of Washington & Mo H Highway.
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Other Nearby Parks